Haruna Mikumo     

After finishing the art course at Shizuoka Numazu Nishi High School, she went on to graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts.
While a student, she was selected as a soloist for the Sogakudo Morning Concert and performed with the Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra. She then graduated at the top of the master’s program in Chamber Music.
While in graduate school, she was accepted to the Basel Academy of Music in Switzerland, where she completed her studies with top honors for the Master of Arts in Musical Performance, as well as Master of Solo Performance.
Upon completion of her graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts, she was awarded the Taito Ward Mayor’s Prize and the Postgraduate Acanthus Music Award.
In 2022, she won the second prize at the Basler Förderpreis der Stiftung BOG 2022. She has won or placed high in numerous competitions, including the Shizuoka Student Music Competition and the Japan Classical Music Competition.
While studying in Switzerland, she trained as an orchestra trainee with the Basel Symphony Orchestra, the Basel Chamber Orchestra, and the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra. She has performed with the Mt. Fuji Philharmonic Orchestra, the Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Academy Basel, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra.
Currently, she is a permanent member of the Mannheim National Theatre Orchestra in Germany.
She has trained under a roster of professors, including Sonoko Numata, Ryo Mikami, H. Zack,
Katsuya Matsubara, Natsumi Tamai, B. Doll, A. Oprean, and R. Oleg.